Founder’s Word

Dear reader, dear visitor,
From the start, welcome to the “Vigilance Medicaments Cameroon” website.
As the name implies, this site is a platform of vigilance, awareness, information and alert for any problem occurring or that may occur during / after the use of a pharmaceutical product. You will find in this website alerts, good practices, recommendations, risk minimization measures related to problems or specific situations of drug therapies.

The multidisciplinary team, passionate about pharmacovigilance and concerned about the safety of the Cameroonian patient who animates this space, bases its actions on ethics and evidence-based medicine. In addition, it should be emphasized that this site has no claim to replace national or international protocols, guidelines or recommendations. However, it wants to be, a showcase of the most recent factual data in order to provide you with updated evidence for a better security of drug therapies.

Given the low professional-to-population ratio and the insufficient time devoted to pharmacovigilance in the training curricula for health professionals in Africa, we hope through this site to contribute to the improvement of knowledge, prescribing practices, dispensing practices, use practices, therapeutic monitoring practices but also, promoting the declaration to the competent authorities of any adverse effect, medication error or signal related to the use of a pharmaceutical product.

While inviting you to submit your opinions / contributions / alerts and to share any useful information published with your colleagues and relatives, I wish you a good navigation in your website "Vigilance Medicaments Cameroun".

The founder
Dr. Maurice MBWE MPOH,
MSc pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance,
University Diploma in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics